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Tracking & Dispatch

Track, dispatch, and manage your mobile workers in real time.

Manage your mobile workforce

Help improve your business operations, meet changing priorities, and improve customer service with TELUS Resource Tracker. With GPS capable handsets, locate and report the location of each of your employees’ mobile devices and help confirm their whereabouts from almost any Web-enabled computer.

With TELUS Tracking and Dispatch, in addition to tracking the location of your mobile workforce, you can dispatch job requests to the closest worker, update work assignments as needed, and receive updates from the field. Let TELUS help you get a leg up on your competition and provide your customers with best in class customer service by immediately reacting to their urgent requests.

TELUS Resource Tracker and TELUS Tracking and Dispatch are ideal for businesses that want:

Fleet Tracker

Fleet management solutions to help you improve your bottom line.
Track and manage your fleet in real-time

Track your vehicles in real time, while gathering information from the field to help you improve operating efficiencies. You can do it all—at a cost-effective price—with TELUS Fleet Tracker.

TELUS Fleet Tracker uses GPS technology to help give you insight into the activities of all your vehicles. With real-time information and up-to-date reports, TELUS Fleet Tracker can help your company improve fleet management, reduce costs, and uncover additional revenue-generating opportunities. Better scheduling and improved communications can also help you enhance customer service with faster and more accurate response times. The bottom line: TELUS Fleet Tracker can help your business run more profitably.

Change the way you manage your fleet operations with a solution that gives you access to your fleet’s real-time status as well as historical reporting, including vehicle location, travel speed, vehicle idling, vehicle maintenance record, and much more.

TELUS Fleet Tracker is ideal for: